The MPM Is Pissed Off

CNN is imploding thanks to their own arrogance and use of their platform to push the leftist agenda as an unabashed mouthpiece of the elitist slavers instead of operating as a real news organization. They have repeatedly been caught manipulating facts, using innuendo as facts, using fake sources, and outright lying. And, still, they scream from the rooftops that it’s “unfair” to brand them as fake news. The truth hurts and they’re in pain. Continue reading

Tired Of Winning, Yet?

On January 27, 2017, President Trump issued Executive Order 13769. This order was issued under the President’s plenary power to act to protect the United States against foreign enemies. An activist federal judge, James Robart, US District Court, Western District of Washington, violated all sorts of existing federal rules, Supreme Court precedence, and the Constitution to issue an illegal temporary restraining order. The 9th Circus kept the TRO in place. Continue reading