What Was the Point?

Why was Comey’s testimony even necessary? What did we learn from him, anyway? A couple of things. We learned that former AG Loretta Lynch politicized the FBI and Comey went along with it. We learned Comey was the “memo leaker”, although, he did so through a personally selected mouthpiece. We learned that Comey did, in fact, tell the President that he was not under investigation – on three separate occasions. We learned that Comey has, apparently throughout his career, been a very selective memo maker. We learned that Comey is a coward. And, we have subsequently learned that Comey’s portrayal of his relationship with members of the FBI is much less rosier than Comey painted.

But, what did all of that really accomplish? It proved that the President did not obstruct any investigation and that he did not lie about his conversations with Comey. It proved that this whole claim of obstruction and lying was nothing more than a fraud perpetrated on the American citizenry by the media and by the leftists in Congress. That, by the way, includes such people as McCain, Ryan, McConnell, et al.

I didn’t include the likes of Schiff, Warner, etc., because they are declared members of the left. It is expected that they will do all in their power to obstruct the President’s agenda and cause him as many difficulties as they possibly can. And they have succeeded.

By engaging in speculation, innuendo, and outright lies the left has repeatedly placed the President in a position of having to defend himself on an almost daily basis. That leaves little room for accomplishing his agenda. And the leftists know that. They have a major problem, though.

That problem is that they have never encountered a president who works such incredible hours as President Trump and at the pace he has set since occupying the Oval Office. He is a whirlwind of activity. And they can’t keep up.

The fact that Comey has admitted to leaking information to the media puts him in the same category as Snowden and Winner. But, ask yourself why he would admit to that in his testimony before Congress? Simple. He was mitigating any potential blowback for having disclosed classified information. Remember the meeting with Mueller about a week before Comey testified? I’d be willing to bet money that the conversation included the fact that Comey was in deep trouble for his actions in leaking such information. I’d be willing to bet money that Mueller counseled Comey to come clean before the Senate committee since Comey would be under oath. The alternative would be for Comey to lie, again, and then be called out in Mueller’s investigative reports to the Deputy Attorney General (DAG).

You see, the DAG has a reputation. It is an extremely well earned reputation built up over years of discipline. It is a reputation of upholding the law regardless of who is held accountable. The DAG is not about to destroy his hard earned reputation for the likes of either Mueller or Comey. Count on that. If Mueller names Comey as having committed any offense and has the evidence to prove it, you can count on Comey being prosecuted. How much time he would get would include the fact of his having admitted to his offense.

Further, Comey’s testimony has placed Mueller in a tough spot, as well. They are friends. They are career colleagues. Mueller was/is Comey’s mentor. Mueller is now faced with the task of having to deal with Comey’s actions in Mueller’s report(s) to the DAG. If Mueller does anything less than recommend Comey for prosecution, then you can also bet that Mueller’s conflict of interest has come home to roost. You will be able to safely believe that his conflict of interest has resulted in a deeply flawed investigation.

So what does all of this mean to people like you and me?

First of all, it is further evidence of the lawlessness of the Obama regime. That’s right. Regime. It certainly wasn’t an administration. An administration abides by the law. An administration does things in accordance with the Constitution. Obama and his elite buddies did none of that.

Second, this is the exact evidence the leftist elites don’t want you to consider about professional politicians. Congress used to be a part time job. Why? Go read Article I, § 8 of the Constitution. Notice anything? You’ll probably notice that there isn’t a whole lot that requires year round legislation and monitoring by Congress. Slowly, we have allowed the professional, elite political class to stomp our Constitution into the ground. Law by law. Comey proves it. If Comey had done his job he would have arrested Loretta Lynch. He would have arrested Obama. But the law doesn’t work at that level. It only works against people like you and me.

Third, the success of the leftist agenda of sowing ignorance has been fully demonstrated. Those politicians like Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Warner, etc., who were constantly running their mouths about impeachment have been proven, once again, to be willfully ignorant of the laws that they are allegedly there to enforce. They have no idea what they’re doing.

It’s time to return to the congressional duties set out in the Constitution. It’s time to repeal the 17th Amendment and put this genie back in its bottle.

By now, Comey is probably wishing he’d simply kept his mouth shut and just done his job.

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