PC and Attacking Free Speech

If you don’t think the communists are attempting to destroy the Constitution, then you’re being willfully ignorant. And if you have accounts with organizations like Google, Twitter, Face Book, etc., you’re helping them to accomplish that goal. Watch this if you need some help in understanding the significance of Google firing Mr. Damore, the former engineer for Google who wrote an internal memo challenging Google’s SJW world.

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  • Crusader

    seen attempts at alternative social networks. none of them are doing well because most people lie about joining such sites and leaving fb, twitter, etc.

  • Semper

    And, yet, there are still people out there claiming they’d support an alternative. But, they don’t because it isn’t identical to FB, G+, Twitter, or whatever. They’re willing to support those platforms because they like the way the platforms work. HOW those platforms are used to silence dissent doesn’t mean anything to them.