Why McMaster Needs To Be Fired

This comes from a user of Disqus (maybe we can fix that) commenting on a posting at The Gateway Pundit. If you don’t understand why Gen. McMasters needs to find another job outside the WH, then you need to read this compliation produced by

McMaster needs to go.

1.)  First we learn (before his appointment) that he has a soft spot in his heart for Islam, repeatedly saying that ISIS is not Islamic, Islam is an admirable religion of peace, and other Obama parroted garbage.

2.)  Then we learn that he is a huge supporter of the Iranian nuclear deal.

3.) Then we learn that he contradicts the President on Qatar right after the President communicates his position on Qatar in a major international speech.

4.)  Then John McCain is overheard talking about how he will go around Trump on foreign policy by working with McMaster. McMaster has free reign at the NSC.

5.)  Then we hear that McMaster is a serial leaker to deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe (Hillary Donor). He was very upset with Comey’s ouster.

6.)  Then it is discovered that McMaster is purging the NSC of Trump loyalists, Israel sympathizers, people who support India over Pakistan, etc.

7.)  We find out that McMaster has ignored the myriads of Obama holdovers in the NSC instead of cleaning them out.

8.)  Then we find out that McMaster was behind the Netanyahu snub at the Western Wall.

9.)  It is even reported that McMaster tried to scrub the Western Wall from Trump’s trip period (only wanting the President to visit the holocaust memorial).

10.)  McMaster also disagreed with Trump’s temporary travel ban. Unbelievable!

11.)  Then we learn that McMaster approved of Susan Rice’s unmasking of Trump campaign personnel, going so far as to approve her security clearance 1 month after the fact.

12.)  It is also reported that John McCain was the one who sold Trump on McMaster to begin with!

13.)  McMaster Refuses to Use the Phrase ‘Islamic Terrorism’, Purges Critics of Islam

14) Media Matters, CAIR, Far Left ADL, #NeverTrumpers and Anti-Trump Hacks ALL DEFEND H.R. McMaster

15)  H.R. McMaster Won’t Call Israel’s Conduct ‘Ethical’ in War Against Hamas Terrorists.

Anyone who uses an avatar of Charles Bronson ought to be heeded. Thanks for allowing us to use this, Dave.

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  • Crusader

    It’s difficult to refute the points made.

  • Semper

    Wow. He did a great job there.

    • Crusader

      Time lines tend to prove the point. So do numbered lists.